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I'm a Las Vegas based Anarchist, homeless advocate, and general activist. I believe in natural law, basic human rights for everyone regardless of gender; sexual orientation; race; or immigrant status, animal rights, and peace (not pacifism); among many other things. In spite of all the propaganda that is spread about Anarchists, I'm not a bomb throwing terrorist who doesn't believe in laws or society and conspires to spread chaos and disorder throughout the world. I've also been known to do a bit of poetry on occasion. I also have several blogs I contribute to chi flat iron either directly or through RSS feeds. The content on that blog is syndicated through Anarchoblogs, which is an RSS feed hub open to any blogs which have a significant amount of Anarchy related subject matter. I'm also included in two subcategories within the Anarchoblogs group. One is Las Vegas Anarchoblogs,which consists of Anarchist bloggers located in the Las Vegas area. The second sub category is Market Anarchist Blogs, which consists of blogs by Anarchists who believe in voluntary free markets. Also, I am a regular contributor on the Fr33 Agents Network, an online community that fatures news and political commanary related to Anarchism or libertarianism and the promotion of antistatist activism. In addition, I occasionaly contribute to the blog for the Las Vegas Alliance of the Libertarian Left, a local branch of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left (ALL), which is a group of market and individualist Anarchists.

Most of my artwork and photography can be viewed on Myspace within the photo section of my Myspace profile or on my facebook page. I can also be found on Twitter.

I also enjoy Wholesale Snapbacks a little bit of sports on occasion. Mostly, I watch football, but I also watch mixed martial arts (MMA), hockey, and a bit of college basketball (UNLV). During the NFL season, I write a weekly recap/preview column, which includes my picks for each of the games that week. In addition, write a sports related blog (Anarchy in the Endzone) and I also write on Bleacher Report.

In the real world, I'm a member of the Las Vegas Food Not Bombs Chapter, a great organization that uses food that would ordinarily be thrown away to feed hungry people. Also, I'm a member of the Las Vegas Anarchy Meetup Group and the Vegas Anarchy Yahoo Group. In addition, I'm a member of the Industrial Workers of the World union and am currently working with other local members to organize a Las Vegas General Membership Branch of the IWW.

If you have your own blog and/or myspace, facebook, twitter, etc., feel free to stop by and say hi. If you live in the Las Vegas area and want to get involved in Anarchism or local activism, get in touch with me online through one of the above groups or by E mail. Or you could also come down and meet me and other local Anarchists at the weekly Vegas A Cafe, an organizing and social networking meeting for local Anarchists and those curious about Anarchism.

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Entrancing memories within the mist

Once banished darkness from the sky

But now their luminous glow is fading

That sun is dying; leaving into the night

The view is so murky beyond the vapors

Yet the world.

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